Employee Stories

Our employees are dedicated to our clients and partners, and they do what it takes to go above and beyond. When asked why they love working at Ingenico Group, they had a lot to share.

David SzczepanskiCOO, Mobile Solutions, North America / Ingenico Group

David Szczepanski, COO, Mobile Solutions sees Ingenico Group as a continuously evolving company able to address the ever changing market needs for seamless payment solutions while being a trusted partner for our customers.

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Duncan McLauchlanSenior Product Manager Retail, North America / Ingenico Group

Duncan McLauchlan, Senior Product Manager Retail at Ingenico Group discusses how he loves working with an exceptional team of people and enjoys delivering payment solutions that respond to customer needs.

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Kelsey CarlisleAccount Manager, North America / Ingenico Group

Kelsey Carlisle, Account Manager, U.S. Retail / Ingenico Group talks about how the company values its people and the customers they serve.

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Kyle UtterbackAccount Manager, U.S. Retail / Ingenico Group

Kyle Utterback, Account Manager, U.S. Retail / Ingenico Group addresses customer engagement in the world of payments and more.

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Richard GianniniSenior Vice President of Product Development, Ingenico Group Canada

Richard Giannini, Senior Vice President of Product Development at Ingenico Group Canada talks about global impact of the company.

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