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Ingenico Gateway & point-to-point encryption (P2PE) partners in the U.S. enable us to deliver more flexible choices to our customers in retail and bankcard when it comes to PCI DSS compliance and cardholder data security solutions. Below are a variety of gateway, middleware, and P2PE solution providers who support Ingenico Telium devices.

ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide, the Universal Payments company, powers electronic payments and banking for more than 5,600 financial institutions, retailers, billers and processors around the world. ACI Worldwide software processes $13 trillion each day in payments and securities transactions for more than 300 of the leading global retailers, and 18 of the top 20 banks worldwide. Through our comprehensive suite of software products and hosted services, we deliver a broad range of solutions for payment processing; card and merchant management; online banking; mobile, branch and voice banking; fraud detection; trade finance; and electronic bill presentment and payment. 


The AurusPay solution is robust payment platform designed to securely manage the payment process from the Ingenico PI Npad to most major payment processors. AurusPay is implemented as a cost effective Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, managing PCI and other payment regulation compliance such as EMV. The platform also helps retailer’s prepare for future payment innovation while enhancing the overall shopper experience.



AxiaMed helps healthcare software vendors integrate secure payment technology into their applications, improving the financial performance of providers by expanding payment options available to patients. Confidently build on the AxiaMed Payment Fusion platform, a PCI validated, point-to-point encryption (vP2PE) solution that meets the highest standard of payment data security.

Bluefin Payment Systems

Bluefin Payment Systems is the leading provider of secure payment technology for independent software vendors (ISVs), enterprises, retailers, financial institutions and small-medium sized businesses worldwide. Bluefin Payment Systems’s proprietary PayConex platform features PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE), the QuickSwipe mobile POS system, tokenization, transparent redirect and more. Bluefin Payment Systems is a Participating Organization of the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) and is headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in New York, Chicago and Tulsa.

BridgePay Network Solutions

Powered by BridgePay Network Solutions, a major global payment gateway provider, PayGuardian offers integrators and merchants an EMV ready out-of-scope PA-DSS solution.  Our product greatly simplifies end-to-end EMV certification by handling the collection and transmission of sensitive payment information, thus offloading the certification responsibility from merchants and integrators. PayGuardian offers EMV readiness for iOS, Windows-based, browser-based, Android and RMS systems.  EMV certifications include all major U.S. processors and Canada for retail, F&B, lodging, FSA and car rental.


CardConnect is a leading provider of payment processing and technology services that helps more than 50,000 merchants nationwide, from Fortune 500 companies to small and mid‐sized businesses, accept billions of dollars in card transactions each year. The company’s payment gateway and security solutions address the complex needs of merchants accepting credit, debit, check, gift card and loyalty transactions. Founded in 2006, CardConnect is one of the 10 largest independent sales organizations (ISOs) of First Data Merchant Services, the world’s largest electronic payment processor.


At Creditcall, we make card acceptance simple from any device, anywhere. Whether attended, unattended, online or mobile, our award-winning EMV-ready payment gateway and EMV migration solutions are at the very heart of our clients’ businesses, ensuring payments flow – all day, every day.

Datacap Systems

Datacap Systems’s EMV-enabled integrated payment interfaces allow point of sale (POS) providers to process credit, debit, gift, loyalty, EBT/FSA and EMV transactions through virtually any) payment processor via a growing array of EMV-ready devices. Options for point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization provide robust payments security, while our processor and hardware agnostic approachallows for unparalleled implementation flexibility. A dealer-centric sales model and recurring revenue programs with a variety of top-tier payment processors make Datacap the ideal partner for channel focused POS providers.


Elavon has been a leader in processing payments for over twenty years, leveraging the world’s best technologies for our customers, from large worldwide enterprises to locally-owned small businesses. We extend powerful payment solutions for all payment types and processing environments, ensuring that your business, whatever the size, remains well connected.

Element Payment Services

Element Payment Services is an industry leading software company that develops PCI DSS compliant technology designed to secure the processing, transmitting, and storing of payment card related data. Element’s technology is deployed through partnerships with Point of Interaction (POI) hardware vendors and business management software providers. Engineered using service-oriented architecture, Element's Express Processing Platform allows for easy integration and supports advanced technologies including tokenization and point-to-point encryption.

First Data / TransArmor Data Protection

First Data TransArmor Data Protection is powerful payment card security that combines the flexibility of software- or hardware-based encryption with random-number tokenization to protect merchants and their customers from the consequences of a payment card data breach.


FreedomPay Commerce Platform is a complete merchant solution with broad integrations across secure Ingenico Smart Terminals, Point of Sale (POS) systems and payment processors.  FreedomPay’s PCI-Validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution offers retailers EMV and NFC/contactless support, and has been approved by PCI to reduce the scope for PCI DSS compliance by removing the merchant’s POS and network completely out of scope. The solution enables the flow of secure real-time transaction data to help retailers generate a wealth of value-added services for the customer.

HP Security Voltage

HP Security Voltage provides best-in-class data encryption and tokenization for structured and unstructured data and enables cost-effective PCI compliance, scope reduction, and secure analytics. HP Security Voltage solutions are used by leading enterprises worldwide, reducing risk and protecting brand while enabling business.


Index combines secure payments and performance-based marketing to bring measurement and personalization to the offline world. Index software, installed directly on Ingenico terminals, provides apparel, grocery and quick service retailers with next-generation solutions to power and protect their business. Index’s cloud-based, semi-integrated platform provides a turnkey solution for processing flexibility, EMV, point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and value-added services including customer analytics and personalized marketing. 

Magtek / Magnesafe

The Magtek / MagneSafe Security Architecture is a foundation you can build on. The MagneSafe Security Architecture (MSA) has evolved exponentially from its inception in 2006 when MagTek delivered the industry's first Secure Card Reader Authenticators (SCRAs) for secure electronic transactions.

Merchant Link

Merchant Link enables more than 6 billion transactions annually for some of the world's best-known merchants, providing connectivity to the major U.S. payment card processors. Merchant Link’s “One Call Solves All” service philosophy means we resolve your problem directly or coordinate all of the subsequent actions necessary to correct an issue. Although we serve a variety of markets, our payment and data security solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of lodging, restaurant and retail merchants.



Create your own secure transaction gateway with Monetra®—a pre-certified, off-the-shelf solution for EMV, credit, debit, and gift card transactions that provides direct integrations to multiple processing platforms in the U.S. and Canada. Monetra leverages Ingenico’s RBA terminal software so no proprietary terminal loading is required. It uses point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization to facilitate PCI compliance by eliminating card data from point of sale (POS) systems and networks. Monetra provides a fast and easy EMV migration path for POS developers, ISO’s, and corporate host-switch systems.


NCR Connected Payments is a fully secure payment route designed to provide complete data and transmission protection, from PIN pad to payment processor. Connected Payments is implemented as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, enabling retailers to easily comply with payment regulations, such as PCI and EMV, and helping them to prepare for a future of innovative payment options that improve shopper experience.

Shift4 Corporation

Shift4 Corporation makes it simple for merchants across all industries to securely process credit, debit, and gift card transactions. With connections to nearly every bank and processor in North America and integrations to hundreds of PMS and POS systems, Shift4 Corporation’s DOLLARS ON THE NET® is the world’s largest independent payment gateway. Shift4 Corporation provides pre- and post-settlement auditing capabilities, fraud prevention tools, support for emerging technologies like EMV and mobile payments, and security solutions such as TrueTokenization® and True P2PE™, which drastically simplify PCI compliance.

Tempus Technologies

Tempus Technologies, Inc., presents PaymentMate®, a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for electronic payments. PaymentMate easily interfaces with Ingenico Smart Terminals for the highest level of data security at the point of interaction (POI). As a PCI certified and EMV-ready application, PaymentMate offers true end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and tokenization to safeguard all transaction payments.

Tender Retail

At Tender Retail, we specialize in the development and implementation of EMV-ready, PCI-DSS-compliant payment solutions. We design products that are easy to implement and that adapt to evolving needs. They suit small clients and very large chain retailers alike, and can handle a large volume of transactions. We were the first in North America to adopt EMV standards and roll out a complete encryption solution for merchants in an integrated payment environment. Our expertise allows us to work with leading global payment companies on redefining payment standards.

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