NFC / contactless

Contactless cards are everywhere. They offer a faster and more convenient alternative to cash for purchases. NFC/contactless payment options such as contactless credit cards and NFC enabled smartphones with payment systems such as Apple Pay and Android Pay offer a faster and more convenient alternative to pay for purchases.

NFC/contactless –enabled devices provide innovative, secure and fast payment solutions for your customers. There are many benefits to offering NFC/contactless payments including:

  • Security: NFC/contactless payment solutions maintain a high level of security for all transactions.
  • Speed: An NFC/contactless transaction is completed in less than a second while increasing productivity, generating more revenue opportunities & reduced queuing times.
  • Convenience & reliability: As there is no mechanical contact with the payment terminal or mPOS solution, risks of damages on the hardware and maintenance costs are reduced for merchants. Consumers don’t need to carry cash or have the exact change for small value transactions.
  • Acceptance: NFC/contactless payments are accepted worldwide - global interoperability.
  • Best customer loyalty: With the evolution of NFC/contactless technology, merchants will also be able to integrate their loyalty programs to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Profitability: The rise of cashless transactions result in increased interchange revenue and additional revenue with new terminal rentals for issuers.
  • Competitive differentiation: Customers experience is improved and merchants can offer more services to these clients.
  • Limited fraud: Contactless help to drive a significant reduction in the cash in the economy and limit fraud with counterfeit notes.

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