You carefully monitor the quality of your food and service, so don’t you also want control over the finishing touches on the meal — including the checkout experience? The most secure transaction, and the one that gives your customer the most peace of mind, involves the credit card never leaving the guests’ sight. Security, speed and efficiency are imperative to complete your guests’ enjoyment of their meal. 

Pay-at-the-Table is ideal for full service restaurants, stadiums, venues and other hospitality environments where payment is currently processed at a central location, far from the customer’s view. Servers need to accept payment tableside or curbside and print receipts right on the spot without the need to return to the point of sale (POS) station to swipe, insert or tap a card for payment.

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Benefits of offering Pay-at-the-Table include:

  • Seamless and secure payment acceptance: enable acceptance of emerging payment types, including EMV and NFC/contactless
  • Increase profitability: move diners through a restaurant quicker through increased table turns
  • Improve guest satisfaction: enable customers to pay immediately without having to wait for their credit card to be returned by their server
  • Increase security: eliminate the opportunity for identity theft and skimming by allowing customers to keep site of their credit card at all times
  • Enhance customer service: create more ‘face time’ with the customer, while creating the opportunity for add-on sales that increase both check amount and tip
  • Improve operations: enable your customer to enter tip at the time of authorization and eliminate the need for end of day tip adjustments
  • Increase efficiencies: avoid traffic jams by eliminating the need for servers to walk to a POS terminal to process the transaction
  • Decrease labor costs: assign more tables to each server without compromising service

Discover our wide range of smart terminals and mobile solutions that are ideal for Pay-at-the-Table.

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