Semi-Integrated Payments

Simplify EMV Migration and PCI Scope with Semi-Integrated Payments

Time to rethink the traditional payment architecture
The EMV migration is driving the U.S. market to rethink its traditional approach to payments. That’s largely due to the fact that within a traditional, fully integrated environment, migrating to EMV involves a lot more than just upgrading the payment terminal. It also requires upgrading the entire point of sale (POS) and back office infrastructure, creating a long and expensive undertaking. Today, both merchants and merchant service providers are seeking a more flexible, semi-integrated approach to help streamline this process and manage PCI scope.

The Semi-Integrated Retail Environment

Semi-Integrated Retail Environment
Within a semi-integrated architecture, the communications are limited between the terminal and the ECR system to non-sensitive commands. Card data never enters the ECR; instead it is encrypted and routed directly from the terminal to the intended processing host/s or gateway as illustrated in the diagram below.

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