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Home services companies—including property managers, independent contractors, house cleaners, landscapers, and others—often struggle to keep up with fast-changing technologies. This results in more and more time spent writing up invoices and manually processing credit cards, taking valuable time away from their core business.

Eliminate the time, energy and risk of manually processing credit card transactions, and add value throughout the sales cycle. With our solutions, home services providers can simplify the payment process, reduce costs with lower card-present fees, and increase flexibility to provide multiple payment methods for customers. This cleaner, more efficient process allows workers to focus more time on core business activities, driving increased customer loyalty and greater profitability.

Reduce sales costs and improve the payment experience with a tailored mPOS solution

  • Gain real-time visibility into transactions and account activity using a robust reporting environment
  • Integrate with an existing POS infrastructure to eliminate reconciliations, improve business efficiencies, and streamline reporting
  • Offer your customers the flexibility to pay with cash or credit card
  • Cross-sell or upsell services on the spot without issuing a new invoice
  • Decrease administrative work with real-time signature capture and invoicing

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