SMB solutions / enhance customer experience, drive loyalty

Today’s small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)— family restaurants, neighborhood stores, florists, food trucks, and more—struggle to keep up with fast-changing technologies and growing industry regulation. They often process credit card transactions by hand, which can threaten cardholder security and PCI compliance. Sometimes they only accept cash, running the risk of theft.

Our innovative payment solutions deliver increased convenience and provide an affordable entry point for SMBs who want to start running card-based transactions, and accept smartphone/mobile wallet payments. This enables them to increase sales, avoid the high fees associated with traditional credit card transactions, improve security, and increase business efficiencies by using an automated system.

Elevate your SMB to the next level with our smart terminal payment solutions

  • Offer a secure and efficient payment experience to your customers
  • Accept all the latest forms of electronic payment (including EMV, magstripe, NFC/contactless)
  • Present your customers with the most secure, certified payment solutions
  • Leverage our smart terminals tablet-based solution to easily integrate new features and connect with existing business applications

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Increase your ROI with mPOS solutions for small & medium-sized businesses

  • Easily manage a large number of employees by configuring user profiles, policies, and roles
  • Leverage one of our tablet-based mobile solutions to easily integrate new features and connect with existing business applications
  • Personalize the in-store shopping experience by extending POS infrastructure onto mobile devices
  • Unlock new revenue opportunities, both in-store and out-of-store

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