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Develop customized payment solutions for your merchants

As providers of mobile devices, high-speed internet, and cloud services, mobile carriers are in a unique position to lead the mobile commerce revolution. Mobile carriers have been providing businesses across the globe with mobile solutions for years. Whether small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) or large enterprises, these organizations rely on mobile carriers for all of their voice, data and media needs. Today, these businesses are also requiring a solution for accepting mobile payments.

However, they will be competing with myriad of other companies to win the payments space. Offering mobile of point sale (mPOS) solutions enables mobile carriers to gain additional market share, while generating recurring transactional revenue that will accelerate in the coming years.

In order to win the mPOS race, mobile carriers need to move rapidly. Acquiring a white-labeled, end-to-end mobile commerce platform provides wireless companies with speed-to-market and flexible, secure technology that evolves with market changes. Meanwhile, merchants benefit by teaming with a trusted partner with deep expertise in mobile solutions and being able to accept payments across a wide array

With Ingenico mobile solutions, mobile carriers can quickly capitalize on this opportunity and become the one-stop-shop for all things mobile.

Meet merchant demand with customized mobile point of sale (mPOS) solutions that your merchants can trust:

  • Provide merchants with a full suite of mobile solutions – voice, data, media, M2M & payments
  • Gain speed-to-market with a customized mPOS solution that can be rapidly deployed, easily managed and works across devices, operating systems, and payment types
  • White label the complete mPOS solution and extend your brand across the entire mPOS platform
  • Expand your business service offerings by providing customized mPOS capabilities to merchants across all market segments  and industry use cases
  • Gain access to the tools you need to easily board and manage large merchant fleets
  • Leverage our built-in security to meet industry and regulatory requirements
  • Increase revenues & maximize customer retention within your B2B channel
  • Proactively get ahead of acquiring & issuing driving customer adoption of your value added services such as mobile wallets

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Develop customized payment solutions for your merchants