Rick Taylor - President & CEO

We work with a variety of device guys and our choice to work with Ingenico Group first and foremost was based on the fact that you were more receptive to our questions, especially as it related to EMV.

My experience working with the Ingenico Group is that whenever we need anything at BridgePay you have always been there for us to answer our questions, very receptive and a variety of people have been very helpful and our customers appreciate that we can get back to them with the answers to their questions. We are struggling to make it through the world of EMV and we needed assistance and we needed someone that had some experience and you have been extremely helpful. Ingenico has experience internationally and they have been through it before with EMV. We are a gateway primarily working in the U.S. and we are working with processors that for the most part don’t know exactly what they are doing for EMV and we needed someone to hold our hands. I think the Ingenico Group to us is somebody we can partner with on a variety of solutions because we support a variety of point of sale system integrations. They all have a different ideas of how it’s going to work and to be able to have Ingenico talk to us about different solutions for many different point of sale systems, working in different vertical markets, different niches and all trying to get there with a variety of processors has been a breath of fresh air for us.

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