Mobile Technologies

David Everson - Director of Global Marketing

Working with the team at Ingenico Group has been fantastic - the team is highly engaged, and highly collaborative.

We’ve been working with Ingenico Group for five years now, and we’ve developed the cadence of going after putting consumer tablets into the business applications. So, Ingenico is that perfect partner for us in bringing that peripheral story together. The value that Ingenico Group brings to our customer base is really on the innovation side. So, when we think about the innovation and incorporating Ingenico’s technology, both from a PIN and chip and an Apple Pay into the ecosystem that helps really solve that commercial deployment for tablets, and really tying that into our enclosure in security systems—it’s a great partnership. Working with the team at Ingenico Group has been fantastic. The team has been highly engaged, and highly collaborative, so when we think about deploying commercial tablets and business applications, the innovation and the team that brings together that ecosystem really helps solve the end users’ challenge of deploying commercial tablets into a business setting.

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