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iCON Case

  • Designed to fit Ingenico’s Moby/8500, Link/2500 with the Zebra TC5X and other third-party devices.
  • Seamless setup with automatic Bluetooth pairing, USB interface & automatic power-up
  • Magnetic connectors to easily snap on and snap off the card reader from the mobile device
  • Lanyard hook for easy device portability when not in use
  • Easy charging with 6-Bay charging station or USB-C connectors
  • Great fit for environments across multiple industries that require easy and compact payment acceptance solutions

Patented Ingenico design allows for the seamless integration of the Link/2500 or Moby/8500 with the Zebra TC5X.

Designed for mobility across multiple use cases

The iCON Case is designed to fit Ingenico’s Moby/8500 and Link/2500 along with the Zebra TC5X and other third-party devices. Its sleek and compact structure allows for mobility no matter where the customers are – in-aisle, curbside, in a restaurant, etc.

Bluetooth and USB pairing

The iCON Case provides seamless pairing to the mobile device via Bluetooth and USB that ensure constant connectivity even when the payment device is detached.

Magnetic connectors for easy use

Built-in magnetic connectors snap easily to connect and disconnect the mobile device from the card reader for a smooth transition between users. The case also provides a locking mechanism between the card reader and mobile device ensuring a strong connection.

Easy charging with multi-bay chargers

The iCON Case is built-in with contact PADs to enable flexible charging with 6-Bay charging station or through USB-C connectors for fast charging.

Product Information

iCON Case - Datasheet

Seamless & flexible mobility for enhanced user experience