ROAMmcm Mobile Payments Engine

Powering Mobile Commerce Management Worldwide

As the first true mobile payments engine of its kind, ROAMmcm enables real-time management and control over your entire mobile commerce initiative. With ROAMmcm, businesses can roll out their mobile commerce solution to an entire fleet of merchants without having to worry about security risks, lost or stolen devices, or complex global requirements. This powerful, yet easy-to-use mobile payments engine enables even our largest enterprise customers to centrally control, but remotely manage the entire merchant lifecycle of each and every user.

Providing two intuitive interfaces – one for the estate owner and one for the end user/merchant – ROAMmcm enables each stakeholder to have control over the things that matter most to them. The end result is a streamlined mobile commerce environment that eliminates IT complexity, improves productivity, reduces operating costs and meets the latest global security requirements.

ROAMmcm Mobile Payments Engine

Key Capabilities for Estate Owners

  • Centrally manage a wide range of mobile devices running multiple OSs and applications
  • Customize your risk tolerance and reduce fraudulent transactions by implementing pre-processing controls
  • Board, activate and deactivate users within minutes
  • Easily manage a large number of users by configuring user profiles, policies and roles
  • Seamlessly integrate into existing systems, applications and processes
  • Gain real-time visibility into transactions and account activity leveraging a robust reporting environment
  • Offer merchants a broader solution by integrating value- added services such as loyalty programs and offers
  • Leverage an EMV-ready solution designed to meet the diverse mobile commerce requirements across the globe

Key Capabilities for End Users/Merchants

  • Gain access to your own self-service management portal
  • Activate, deactivate and modify sub-lines as your business grows
  • Manage a cloud product catalog and automatically sync to all users’ devices
  • View real-time reporting of all transactions and refunds for both merchant and sub-merchant accounts
  • Customize receipts with branding, messaging and social media links
  • Expand business offerings through value-added services, such as loyalty programs and gift card acceptance
  • Protect your customers’ card data, while meeting the industry’s latest security standards
  • Integrate with back-office systems, improving business efficiencies and reducing the need for reconciliations