Solutions with Antimicrobial Product Protection

High-contact surfaces, whether in healthcare, retail, restaurants or hospitality, can be a potential breeding ground for infection – including payment terminals. As an industry leader in innovation, Ingenico now offers a range of payment solutions with antimicrobial product protection to improve safety for people interacting with these devices. These solutions are equipped with EPA-registered antimicrobial additive that inhibits the growth of microbes on the products' surface, so the last thing customers or employees will need to worry about is the spread of disease from a payment terminal.

Ingenico’s payment solutions with antimicrobial product protection also replace the need for frequent use of overly abrasive cleaners, which are known to degrade the plastics and other surface materials on the device. As a result, this extends the overall operational life of the solutions and is ideal for use in high-traffic payment environments.

Moby/M70 AMOpen Android & Pre-Certified Tablet POS Solution

A developer-friendly and pre-certified 7” Android POS solution for faster speed to market and a wide range of business needs and use cases.