Terminal as a Service / All-inclusive solution to delight your merchant customers

Terminal as a Service (TaaS) is an end-to-end solution developed to manage terminal estates. It brings together a comprehensive suite of services covering the entire lifecycle of your payment terminals, from installation to end-of-life management, for a simple monthly fee.

Ingenico will adapt and customize the modular offering in accordance to your needs, bundling hardware, software and services into one single solution. Instead of facing capital expenses and unexpected costs, our customers can benefit from a simple and cash predictable model.

With 40 years in the payments industry, Ingenico, A Worldline Brand, provides unparalleled experience and best-in-class quality service, allowing our customers to completely rely on us.

Key benefits of TaaS include:

  • Flexible and Up to Date: Grow and update your terminal fleet following market trends and customers’ needs.
  • Optimize Your Total Cost of Ownership: Remove constraints of managing estate assets through this scalable and predictable cost model. Shift from a traditional capital expense to an operating expense model.
  • One-Stop Solution: You can rely on Ingenico as a partner to assist you with all your asset management services needs.
  • Benefit from a Payment Expert: Let Ingenico accompany you in your business transformation. No need to build additional internal hardware-related skills.
  • Customer Care Included: Ingenico’s Total Care and Help Desk services are included to make your solution trouble-free.

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 All-inclusive solution to delight your merchant customers