Ingenico has introduced a business solution for phone payments

Leading point-of-sale (POS) terminal provider Ingenico introduced LinkPlus, a solution for businesses that accept phone payments.

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Leading point-of-sale (POS) terminal provider Ingenico introduced LinkPlus, a solution for businesses that accept phone payments. LinkPlus allows online businesses to send payments through a link or QR code, rather than manually entering payment information.

LinkPlus includes an interface where card payments can be completed with full PCI compliance — a payment security standard — and without data being stored. 

Here's what it means: LinkPlus could improve security for businesses that handle payments over the phone.

Many people prefer to use call centers so they can access customer service that's not available through online platforms. Airlines, hotels, retailers, and other businesses often handle transactions via phone. Ingenico SVP global online Gabriel de Montessus said "call centers and customer service teams can now offer multiple payment methods and currencies with high-speed authorization and enhanced security and page design."

The bigger picture: Ingenico's solution can help businesses increase conversion rates for merchants and boost Ingenico's volume.

LinkPlus could address security issues with phone payments to increase retailers' conversions. Hotels are particularly susceptible to data breaches because customers often keep a card on file in advance, giving hackers a long window of opportunity to access it. And a security flaw for many hotels is printing and storing paper copies of customer data. So, sending payments through a link or QR code removes the need to manually process unsecured credit card details or banking information. Montessus also noted that LinkPlus' capabilities, "will be the tipping point that converts them from a browser into a buyer and, potentially a returning customer."

The offering could boost Ingenico's overall volume. Ingenico's Retail business unit, which includes online payments and revenue from small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) grew 11% on a comparable basis to reach €435 million ($489 million) in Q1 2019. Meanwhile, its Global Online revenue, which makes up 31% of its Retail revenue segment, grew 11% on a comparable basis to reach €133 million ($149 million). Streamlining a specific type of payment could attract more merchants to Ingenico's network and lead to accelerated volume.

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