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American Apparel Dresses up for EMV, Improves Security & Enhances In-Store Experience / Case Study

Ingenico & Index helped American Apparel upgrade their payment technology with new smart terminals, retail POS software and more. Download the case study to learn more.

Increase Efficiencies at Your Restaurant with Pay-at-the-Table / Infographic

Increase efficiencies at your restaurant with a Pay-at-the-Table solution. Learn more in this infographic. 

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Home Improvement Retailer Reduces Card Processing Fees with Ingenico / Case Study

Ingenico enabled a large Home Improvement Retailer's installation contractors to accept payment on-site in customers' homes, reducing fees and increasing efficiency. Download this case study and learn more.

3 Reasons Why Multi-Layered Security is the Way to Go for Merchants / Cheat Sheet

Payment security has evolved and so have the methods used to penetrate merchants’ systems. Being prepared to accept EMV chip cards is one way to improve payment security, but it’s important to look beyond EMV to combat all forms and causes of credit card fraud. 

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Annual Report 2015

A successful transformation; new ambitions
- 2015 key figures
- A comprehensive service offering
- Innovation to advance new uses
- Ingenico Group in the world in 2015
- A socially minded and responsible Group

EMV-Enabled mPOS Made Easy / ebook

Our free ebook - EMV-Enabled mPOS Made Easy - A Simple Guide to Enabling Mobile Applications with EMV Payment Acceptance, is aimed to educate and inform Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and developers on, the need for EMV & mPOS, why migrating to EMV can be a complicated process and three steps to launching a successful EMV-enabled mPOS solution.

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