A Selfie for Worldnet (and Ingenico)

Worldnet Certifies Ingenico's Self Series to Level III

A certification to "Level III EMV and Contactless" for the aptly entitled Self Series of payment terminals from Ingenico, on the part of Worldnet Payments. It specifically addresses the needs of ISVs, according to Worldnet Payments. Both Ingenico, A Worldline Brand, and Worldnet Payments are located in the payments hotbed of Greater Atlanta, GA.

As devices covered under this certification, Worldnet cites the Self/2000, Self/4000, and Self/5000 by Ingenico. With embedded contactless readers and hybrid card readers, payment formats of contactless, magnetic-stripe, and smart card are supported. Additional features, depending on model, include color touchscreen displays, scanners, cameras, buzzers, and wired and wireless connectivity.

"The opportunity this certification opens up for our customers to scale up and re-imagine their payments strategy is huge," suggested Conn Bryne, SVP of Sales at Worldnet. "Our pre-certified EMV-ready SDK (Software Development Kit) eliminates the usual costs and challenges associated with EMV certification. This certification allows us to quickly secure and field Ingenico hardware when many other devices are on back order, so our customers can get the first-to-market advantage."

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