Ingenico Annual Results 2013

Strong annual performance in 2013
  • Very strong increase in 2013 revenue to €1.371 billion, up 14% on a reported basis1 and a comparable basis2
  • EBITDA equal to 20.3% of revenue
  • Free cash flow up 42% to €177 million
  • Net income group share up 18% to €114 million
  • Proposed dividend of €0.80, up 14%
  • Outlook for 2014 on a like-for-like basis: organic growth1 of at least 10% and EBITDA margin of at least 21%

Paris, February 19, 2014 – Ingenico (Euronext: FR0000125346 - ING) announced today its fourth?quarter 2013 revenue and its audited financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2013.  

Philippe Lazare, the Chairman and CEO of Ingenico, commented:

In 2013, Ingenico confirmed its market leadership in payment solutions, with revenue and profit margins rising through the year.
We have continued to leverage our innovative solutions and ‘multi-local’ payment market expertise to accelerate the deployment of a differentiated service offer whatever the channel: in-store, on-line and mobile.
In addition, Ingenico continues to develop its strategy of building technology partnerships with major participants in the payment ecosystem, from financial institutions to retailers and telecom operators. We are also strongly involved and well-positioned in the deployment of secure payment solutions (point-to-point encryption, EMV), which are expected to gain ground, most specifically in the United States.
Based on these strong results, we will be proposing the distribution of a dividend of €0.80, up 14 percent.
So we have every reason to feel confident about the outlook for 2014 and anticipate further growth in revenue and profitability.”

2013 results


Key figures

Revenue up 14 percent 


Performance for the year

In 2013, revenue totaled €1,371 million, representing a 14 percent increase on a reported basis, including a €55 million contribution from Ogone and a negative foreign exchange impact of €52 million. Total revenue included €1,074 million generated by the Payment Terminal business and €297 million generated by Transaction Services. 

On a comparable basis2, revenue was up 14 percent compared to 2012, driven by double digit growth in all business segments. Growth in Payment Devices remains very dynamic (up 14 percent) thanks to the Group’s multi-local presence. Transaction Services revenue increased by a healthy 11 percent. On a pro forma basis and excluding TransferTo3,  growth improved from 8 percent in 2012 to 13 percent, driven by Ogone’s integration within the Group.

The Group’s performance is fueled by a strategy based on a geographically differentiated product and service offering.

Ingenico has further strengthened its position in the Europe-SEPA region, where its diversified geographical presence has maintained terminal sales at a respectable level. At the same time, the Group has intensified its strategic shift to services through Ogone’s integration process, an entity with 32 percent revenue growth.
As anticipated, the Group has accelerated its growth in North America with the deployment of its EMV payment solutions in the United States (with growth exceeding 70 percent) to large retailers, and to an increasing extent to merchants through distributor networks.
The Group has also continued its strong development in Asia-Pacific (particularly in China and Indonesia) and in EMEA (especially in Russia), benefiting from an increasingly dense commercial network. In Latin America, where macroeconomic conditions have worsened, the performance was affected by both a very high basis of comparison and the postponement of a delivery in Brazil to the first quarter of 2014. However, the Group is confident that its business in Latin America will continue to expand, thanks to its increasing market presence across the region.
The Central Operations division benefited once again of TransferTo’s growth.

Services, Maintenance and Transactions accounted for 33 percent of total revenue, with Transactions alone contributing 22 percent, up close to 3 points compared to 2012.


Performance in the fourth quarter

In the fourth quarter of 2013, revenue totaled €367 million, representing a 4 percent increase on a reported basis, including a €15 million contribution from Ogone and a negative foreign exchange impact of €18 million. Total revenue included €292 million generated by the Payment Terminal business and €75 million generated by Transaction Services.

On a like-for-like basis1, revenue was 6 percent higher than in Q4 2012. Payment Terminal revenue increased by 5 percent against a very high basis for comparison in the fourth quarter of 2012, due to particularly strong sales in emerging markets. Organic growth in Transaction Services was 13 percent. On a pro forma basis and excluding TransferTo,2 revenue growth in this segment increased by 12 points to 15 percent, driven by Ogone integration.

During the fourth quarter, revenue grew 13 percent in Europe-SEPA, thanks to a strong business dynamic in Payment Terminals and Transactions alike. The integration process with Ogone has helped the Group step up the deployment of its transaction services strategy combining point-of-sale (Axis, easycash), on-line and mobile payment. In December, Ingenico processed 300 million transactions, recording a very strong increase in transaction volume with the 160,000 merchants connected to its platforms: up 13 percent in stores, up 37 percent online and up 50 percent on mobile.
In North America, the Group continued to record a strong growth (up 45 percent), particularly in the United States, where Ingenico has leveraged its strong foothold among large-scale retailers and increasing penetration of distributor networks to equip small merchants, working with 9 out of the 10 leading acquirers in this segment.
As expected, a very high basis of comparison affected the performance in emerging markets. Revenue was down 1 percent in Asia-Pacific, where business has however remained robust in most countries (particularly in China), and down 35 percent in Latin America, where a delivery was postponed until the first quarter of 2014. In EMEA, Ingenico once again enjoyed solid growth (up 39 percent) driven by direct access to the Russian market and the expansion of its distribution network in the region.
The Central Operations division benefited from growth in Group’s mobile payment entity, with m-payment platform and solutions now available in eight countries.


Gross margin still high – up 130 basis points

On an adjusted basis, gross profit for the year increased by 17 percent to a total of €600 million. Gross margin increased by 130 basis points compared with 2012 to 43.8 percent of revenue, thanks to higher gross margin in all segments.
In the Payment Terminal business, gross margin was up 160 basis points to 46.0 percent of revenue, mostly thanks to strong volume growth and Group’s procurement power.
Gross margin in Transaction Services increased by 140 basis points to 35.8 percent of revenue, driven in particular by Ogone’s steady growth. Excluding TransferTo, however, gross margin in 2013 was 43.8 percent, versus 44.3 percent in 2012.


Operating expenses under control at 26.4 percent of revenue

On an adjusted basis, operating expenses totaled €361 million in 2013, compared with €323 million in 2012. They were equal to 26.4 percent of revenue versus 26.8 percent in 2012. Excluding TransferTo, operating expenses were up to 27.5 percent of revenue.
As expected, Ingenico continued to keep general and administrative expenses under control while accelerating its investments in the second half of 2013, particularly in Research and Development and Group’s future sources of growth such as Telium3, m-payment and the multi-channel offering.


Strong increase in EBITDA

EBITDA increased to €279 million, up from €223 million in 2012. The EBITDA margin increased by 180 basis points to 20.3 percent of revenue.

EBIT margin up 170 basis points

In 2013, EBIT increased by 26 percent to €239 million, compared with €190 million in 2012. The EBIT margin was 17.4 percent of revenue, up 170 basis points.


Profit from operations up 14 percent

Other operating income and expenses represented a net expense of €21 million. This amount included a non-recurring expense of €10.5 million in connection with the deconsolidation of TransferTo and an expense of €6 million related to the acquisition and integration of Ogone.
In 2012, other operating income and expenses represented a net income of €1 million, reflecting the €9 million positive impact of the remeasurement of Roam Data’s assets and liabilities when the Group took over this entity.
Purchase Price Allocation expenses went from €26 million in 2012 to €30 million in 2013 as a result of acquisitions carried out during the year, primarily the acquisition of Ogone.

Profit from operations is up by 14 percent to €187 million, from €164 million in 2012. Operating margin held steady at 13.6 percent of revenue.


Net income group share up 18 percent to €114 million

In 2013, the net income group share increased by 18 percent to €114 million, compared with €97 million in 2012.
This result includes net finance costs of €18 million (versus €14 million in 2012). The Group succeeded in limiting financial expenses despite the cost of the Ogone acquisition (€360 million) in January 2013.
Income tax expense rose from €50 million in 2012 to €56 million in 2013. As of the December 31, 2013 reporting date, the effective tax rate remained unchanged at 33.1 percent.4


Proposed dividend of €0.80 per share, up 14 percent

In 2013, net earnings per share stood at €2.17, up from €1.87 in 2012. In keeping with the Group’s dividend policy, the Board of Directors will be proposing that the shareholders vote at their Annual Meeting of May 7, 2014 to distribute a dividend of €0.80 per share, representing a payout ratio of 37 percent, up 14 percent. Dividends will be payable in cash or in shares, at the option of the holder.


A sound financial position

Total equity attributable to shareholders increased to €767 million.

Net debt was €296 million as of December 31, 2013, compared with €75 million as of December 31, 2012 and €414 million as of June 30, 2013, due in particular to €360 million required to finance the acquisition of Ogone. However, Ingenico’s financial ratios as of December 31, 2013 demonstrated the Group’s sound financial position. The net debt?to?equity ratio was at 39 percent, while the net debt?to?EBITDA ratio was 1.1x.

During the year, Ingenico’s operations generated free cash flow of €177 million, up from €125 million in 2012. This improvement is mainly attributable to a significant increase in EBITDA and continued control over working capital, which showed a surplus of €38 million, versus €3 million in 2012. This is based on ongoing strict management of inventories and trade receivables, while trade payables were in line with business growth. At the same time, Ingenico continued to invest to support the Group’s expansion, with investing activities net of disposals totaling €40 million, compared with €44 million in 2012.

The main cash outflows in 2013 were related to acquisitions carried out during the year (Ogone above all), totaling €362 million net of disposals, and €13 million in dividend payments (€0.70 per share) in respect of 2012, reflecting the fact that a vast majority of shareholders elected to receive their dividends in shares.

2014 outlook

The Group has begun 2014 with full confidence in its ability to sustain the momentum –both in terms of revenue and profitability – thanks to its excellent positioning and a wide range of solutions whatever the channel: in-store, on-line and mobile.

In this early period of the year, the activity seems to be holding up well, and Ingenico should continue to grow in most countries. Therefore, the Group expects revenue growth to exceed or be equal to 10 percent like-for-like, i.e., based on pro forma revenue of €1.301 billion in 2013 (excluding the contribution of TransferTo, disposed of on December 1, 2013), and at constant exchange rates.

As in the second half of 2013, Ingenico intends to accelerate its investments in 2014 in future sources of growth to keep the pace with a rapidly evolving market, and expects EBITDA margin to exceed or be equal to 21 percent.



  1. Ogone’s revenue of €55 million was offset by a €52 million foreign exchange loss.
  2. Like-for-like at constant 2012 exchange rates, not including the contribution of Ogone, acquired in 2013.
  3. On a like-for-like basis at constant exchange rates, including the contribution of Ogone to 2012 revenue and excluding the contribution of TransferTo.
  4. Tax rate: tax expense/(profit before income tax – share of profits of associates).