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 Maximizing the security of payment systems and cardholder data in an increasingly complex regulatory environment is a critical challenge for merchants today. We provide an easy path to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) through our own proprietary Ingenico On-Guard point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution. Not only does it strengthen overall protection against fraud and data theft, but as a turnkey product, it slashes the cost and time associated with security compliance.

For both fixed and mobile point of sale transactions, P2PE supports all card and payment types, and protects cardholder data in transit which renders the data useless to hackers in the event of a breach. P2PE will considerably increase merchants’ level of security and also greatly facilitate their PCI DSS certification process. Ingenico’s On-Guard is the P2PE solution for magstripe, EMV, NFC/contactless and manual entry transactions. From the initial swipe on an Ingenico Smart Terminal to your payment gateway and processor, your guest’s card data is protected against interception and fraud.

With On-Guard, you can reduce your PCI DSS scope, ease the path to compliance, and protect your business from data security breaches, all while offering your guests complete peace of mind.

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  • Payment infrastructure costs reduction: P2PE eliminates the need to invest in physical security or network/software modules to protect a store and back-office network. The initial IT investment and maintenance costs are drastically reduced.
  • Easier and faster PCI DSS certification: With Ingenico P2PE, the scope of the PCI DSS audit is significantly reduced; the process for the retailer is therefore simplified. The lead-time to achieve PCI DSS compliance is greatly reduced.
  • Support all payment types: With Ingenico On-guard, merchants can accept all the latest payment types including magstripe, NFC/contactless and EMV chip & PIN.
  • Increased security level, lower financial risk, protect merchant brand: The level of exposure for the retailer is reduced, as no sensitive data will travel across their POS application and ECR networks. The risk of being hacked along with the negative impact on their business (loss of customers, brand image and revenue) is considerably limited.
  • Data encryption options: The data encryption process is non-intrusive, as the data has the same format as clear text data. It is also flexible, with the sensitive data always being encrypted, partial encryption of PIN digits and certain cardholder data fields can be optionally protected.
  • Easy integration with any payment gateway:  Our data encryption module can be integrated into the preferred service provider’s gateway. The Ingenico solution is compatible with various Hardware Security Modules, to offer flexibility and ease of integration. You can also delegate security investments, maintenance and certification costs to the service provider.
  • Flexible and strong key management: Our solution offers the highest security by using the most robust cryptography (DUKPT/3DES) and unique keys per terminal and transaction. The keys are loaded in the secure area of the terminal for P2PE activation using Ingenico certified local and remote key injection solutions.

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