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POS Payment Solutions

Consumers today are better informed and more demanding than ever. With access to unlimited information thanks to the Internet, smartphones and tablets, they demand the ability to make purchases anywhere, anytime. Merchants equipped to offer shoppers the payment convenience, simplicity and fluidity they demand will increase sales conversion rates.

With the world’s largest in-store acceptance network, Ingenico Smart Terminals have led the payment terminal industry for 30 years.

We operate the widest range of smart terminals combining the most advanced technologies with the latest security requirements whatever the local regulation, business sector, or payment method. Our smart terminals provide businesses with a unique platform and totally reliable connectivity for deploying and managing payment as well as value-enhancing business applications.

Paired with a comprehensive range of POS management services, Ingenico Smart Terminals enable merchants to optimize their store and checkout formats and to cover all consumer touch points.

Telium TETRA

The Telium TETRA offer allows value-added services to be seamlessly deployed in the payment value chain.​

Ingenico's Telium TETRA range of payment solutions create a breakthrough in the way payment service providers can operate their fleet and finally handle legacy payment activities while transitioning to the digital age. This makes it a unique ecosystem and a perfect opportunity for the payment industry to enhance the consumer experience.

The new Telium TETRA suite relies on a new generation operating system and three major offers: Payment Terminals, Payment Applications and the Estate Manager. 

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Ingenico's TETRA Terminals

Telium 2

The Telium 2 platform propels our devices to the next level, particularly in terms of value, speed and reliability.

With a library of over 800 value-added applications, Telium2  is a uniquely scalable operating system. It creates an ideal environment for the deployment of EMV, NFC and contactless payment solutions as well as exclusive applications tailored specifically to our customers’ needs.

Here are just some of the additional shared advantages of Ingenico devices that employ Telium 2:

  • Ease of installation and intuitive use
  • Exceptional communication support
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Transaction security
  • Transparency of activity

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Ingenico's Telium 2 Devices

Semi-Integrated Solutions

Ingenico’s range of semi-integrated solutions provides merchants with the most flexible and secure way to seamlessly implement EMV while protecting cardholder data and simplifying PCI compliance. Our secure, semi-integrated architecture enables merchants’ systems across all industries to quickly adapt to changing market needs, while simultaneously reducing costs and dependence on integration partners. Ingenico offers two options to best suit your business needs:

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The Estate Manager

Ingenico makes estate management easy by providing a single central solution adapted to all types of fleets, whatever their size and terminal configurations. Click below to learn more about Ingenico's Estate Management solution.​

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Ingenico's Estate Manager

Stands and Accessories

Keep your point of sale (POS) security on firm footing with tough, reliable stands created specifically for Ingenico products

To bring you a range of products mounts, to help secure your payment device, Ingenico has partnered with three companies, each well-established internationally, to serve as our stands manufacturers.

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Ingenico's Stands and Accessories